Bagisto 2.0 was released with exciting features for an exceptional experience!

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Bagisto 2.0

Bagisto 2.0 was released on October 21st, 2023. The latest version is focused on enhancing the user interface, styling updates, and user experience. Development tools are improved, dependencies are simplified, code cleaning has been done, and refactoring the whole admin and shop sections has given a new appearance and experience to Bagisto 2.0.

A transition from Laravel Mix to Vite in Bagisto 2.0 has been done by the makers to uplift the overall performance. Moreover, the latest version uses modern JavaScript and supports Vue.js. Ecommerce applications require to migrate from Vue 2 to Vue 3 in Bagisto 2.0 to experience new functionalities.

Bagisto ecommerce stores will benefit from blazing-fast loading speed, SEO enhancements, and scalability thanks to many new integrations.

The latest features of Bagisto 2.0!

Dashboard Report

With the new Bagisto 2.0, the admin gets convenient access to the dashboard view to keep a tab on every day’s sales, orders, and other essential information.

Screenshot 2 of bagisto 2.0 dashboard report

Mega Search

There is a modified mega search feature in Bagisto 2.0 for the admin to search for products, categories, orders, and customers seamlessly.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 mega search

Multiple Filter feature in Data Grid

Multiple filters can be applied simultaneously to understand order history, customer information, product details, etc.

Screenshot 1 of bagisto 2.0 dashboard report

Stock management

The new Bagisto 2.0 allows the admin to manually control all stocks. However, if the manual stock manage feature is disabled then the product will only appear as available in the stock.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 manage stock

Mass action on the product variant

Admin can select either all product variants or some specific products to modify prices, manage inventory, delete existing images, add new product images, or remove the selected variants. The mass action feature can be applied to configurable products while creating product variations.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 mass action on product variant

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 mass action on product variant configurable products

Interactive reports

Admin can set up various important reports of sales, customers, and products for their desired time duration in detail. The report generation is done in graphical representation and can be downloaded as well. The reports indicate location-wise sales, out-of-stock products, customer buying trends, and so on.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 sales report

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 customer report

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 product report

Redesigned UI and UX

Bagisto 2.0 has come up with a renovated look and feel. The enticing designs are due to its integration with Tailwind CSS resulting in more responsive and utility-focused designs.

Also, its UI rendering has now Blade Components, which makes it more dynamic and user-friendly to enhance the flexibility of Bagisto 2.0 user interface. Thus, the combination of Blade Components and Tailwind CSS makes the platform exceptionally well-performing.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 redesigned UI UX dashboard

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Improved Order Section

The order section user interface is also revamped which reduces dependencies significantly. The main idea behind this change is to provide a compact space for order-related information. Also, an organized order filter with new slider container format saves admin time to navigate through the additional pages or containers.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 enhanced order section ui

Code Architecture

Bagisto 2.0 made it easier for developers to create innovative designs by including Vite configuration files for swift project setup, refined data filtering options, and custom data grids for improved data visualization. Better code organization enhances code recoverability and readability, and they are easy to maintain. Thus, Bagisto 2.0 is the developer-friendly version compared to its previous versions.

Moreover, real-time code changes are possible in this version due to Hot Reloading with Vite. It makes the development process faster and simpler. Developers can see the changes instantly while they code, which increases the efficiency of the entire process.

Well-organized code base folder makes development productive, reduces confusion among developers, and simplifies debugging.

Invoice, Shipment, and Refund Creation

Bagisto 2.0 has a slider container feature that helps in creating invoices, shipments, and refunds without having to navigate multiple options. Admins can easily configure and perform these activities.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 invoice creation

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 shipment creation

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 refund creation

Catalog Creation

The new product creation is available with some basic information like SKU, product number, name, URL key, and tax category. Product description, meta description, images and videos, variations, upselling and cross-selling, etc. components are also available.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 catalog creation

Customer Creation

Bagisto 2.0 provides customer containers, which make customer creation simple for admins. Fill in the necessary fields and you are all sorted.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 customer creation container

Currency and locale management

To manage currency, there is a currency container. Similarly, by clicking on the ‘Create Locale’ option, you will see the locale creation container to create locales.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 manage currency in container

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 manage locale in container

Theme management

Full administrative control is given for theme management to customize different sections of an ecommerce store. Users/admins can easily add text, images, and links and create themes the way they want.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 manage theme

User and Role are separated

Bagisto 2.0 has functionality to easily create user in the container form and there is a different interface for role creation and access control assignments.

Configuration in a single page

Every sort of configuration such as content, design, inventory, product, etc. can be done from a single page for configuration.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 configuration in single page

Dark mode

Bagisto 2.0 has a dark mode theme, which gives it a modern appearance while reducing eye strain during extended screen time.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 dark mode

Backend optimization

Database queries got modifications; now Bagisto 2.0 works with MySQL which is a compatible database system for various hosting environments. Also, now the focus is on processing a single query instead of multiple queries at a time, which makes the entire process faster.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 before database enhancements

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 after database enhancements

Front-end optimization

Bagisto 2.0 has an attractive and usable appearance as an ecommerce storefront. With Lazy loading, WebP implementation, and Tailwind CSS integration, the performance and experience of the whole store improve. The new additions make Bagisto 2.0 websites faster, compatible with all new browsers, adaptable and lower the hosting cost.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 tailwind CSS implementation

Full-page cache feature implementation

Ecommerce stores need high-speed performance, and a full-page cache is a boon for these stores. Bagisto 2.0 has this feature to serve its users with instant pre-built pages to make the overall shopping experience enjoyable.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 before full page cache feature

Octane support

Bagisto 2.0 includes Octane AI principles that improve overall Bagisto web accessibility, productivity, SEO results, and user experience for the betterment of the ecommerce store.

Image Carousel

Admin can oversee their slider image carousel to remove existing carousels and add new ones.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 image carousel

Footer Links

Footer links can be personalized now by editing, deleting, and adding new ones.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 manage footer links

Static Content Management

Admins can easily write HTML code, incorporate their own CSS for webpage appearance customization, and preview the results after creation.

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 preview

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 write HTML

Screenshot of bagisto 2.0 write CSS

These are all significant changes and updates that made Bagisto 2.0 a future-proof solution for ecommerce development.

Wrapping up

The latest Bagisto 2.0 is available with more streamlined process and mainly focused on user experience, which is a primary need for ecommerce. This feature-rich version has the power to improve conversions.

As a Bagisto Solution Partner, we provide custom Bagisto development services whether you want to design or develop a new Bagisto website, upgrade, revamp or migrate existing Bagisto website; or require Bagisto maintenance and support. Request a free quote or reach out [email protected].