Website Accessibility and ADA Compliant Law: Why Your Business Website Must Be ADA Compliant?

By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
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ADA Compliant Website

Web accessibility is the practice of making content and functionality such as websites, tool and technologies, accessible to people with disabilities so that they can understand, navigate, perceive, interact and contribute in the digital environment. However, it is done through different technological devices and connections and with varied experiences. Website Accessibility is related to ease of access. Take as an example when a blind person accesses a website.

Today, there are assistive reading tools that transform textual content into audio. Similarly, alt texts, which are the alternative texts for images, describe in words what they contain in the figures. The same goes for a color-blind user or one with physical, speech, cognitive and neurological disabilities. Therefore, accessibility on the web has an essential role in our society. It is intended to make it easier for anyone to achieve their goals when interacting with internet pages.

People those who demand web accessibility

One of the ways that a company can optimize / improve its existing site is to make it compatible with ADA Compliant Web Design. This is necessary not only for schools and government agencies, but is also recommended for businesses to make the site accessible to all users. Make sure the images have an alt header for blind users who use a screen reader. Make sure that videos for deaf users have subtitles. Try not to use vibrant colors or blinking images that could harm users who are prone to cramps.

Make sure your site is ADA compatible and you will discover a wider customer base because your product and services are now available to a new audience. There are four main types of violations that are considered in the context of accessibility:

  • Vision problems: can range from inability to distinguish colors to a complete lack of vision.
  • Hearing problems: This means that the user has problems recognizing sounds that are heard from the page.
  • Physical mobility: includes physical restriction to control a keyboard, mouse or phone screen.
  • Cognitive problems: This means that the user may need assistive technologies for reading text, so it is important to use alternatives for textual information.

Three reasons why a business website must be ADA compliant!

Is your website ADA compliant? Do you need it? How can it help you to reach millions of potential users? These are some of the questions, which often disturb you. ADA stands for Americans with disabilities act. If you’re not sure, below reasons will convince you.

Chance to reach millions of potential clients

Do you know how many potential subscribers your website (s) has? May be you know. But, do you know how any people are unable to view your website due to their disabilities? A healthy person can easily buy food supplements from an online store. But, you are missing those potential users, who need food supplements too, but cannot buy online due to their disabilities, be it blind, mobility issues, etc. And, you are missing them just because the website is not ADA compliant. Yes, there are millions of potential customers. Think of it.

ADA compliance improves your branding

The digital space is filled with billions of websites, each of which fights for the attention of consumers. Brand is the most crucial element. Your business website may have SEO, which attracts more customers. But, do you know which even attracts the more? If your website is ADA compliant then the potential customers will not only recommend your website, brand or products, but they will understand that you give value to them. Your product is for everyone. No discriminations. More than technical, it is ethical.

Improving site usability

Companies in any industry should start optimizing for ADA compliance website right now. It will also meet the WCAG rules. Apart from optimizing your business website for smartphone (responsive), adding ADA guidelines will improve your website accessibility and usability to every user. Yes, it will generate more leads. Today, Google is primarily looking at the mobility of your site. And, with ADA your business website will enhance the SEO technique.

Laws to improve ADA Website Accessibility

Below, find out some of the main guidelines for improving this component on the pages of your website and make an ADA Compliant Website.

  • Do not block the zoom (visual difficulty) - Some websites come with standardized settings that disable the zoom feature on web pages on mobile devices. This could be a mistake. The Global population has problems with astigmatism, a disability that leaves their eyes blurred. So it is better to keep an eye on the limiting command, the [maximum-scale = 1.0].
  • Audio content (visually impaired) - The audio content is already something that is part of a good portion of the internet pages. It is a great way to facilitate the consumption of useful information by blind people, who have an accessible experience when it comes to browsing.
  • Semantics accessibility (alternative words) - Semantic tags can be inserted into HTML code. This action facilitates the reading of the user, who does not need to browse with a dictionary next to it or perform an internet search.
  • Description of images - The images on a website or blog must contain a detailed description for the visually impaired tools to identify it. Thus, oral reading of the image takes place, which specifies what is going on.
  • Keyboard shortcuts - navigation for the visually impaired is performed using the keyboard. Therefore, allowing shortcuts is a great idea to facilitate its accessibility.
  • Virtual keyboard - This is very common in filling passwords on bank websites. It creates serious problems for those who have problems like Parkinson's disease or some kind of physical disability. Even if it is a security issue, you need to consider this element. As some people will not be able to access the pages they want.

In this article, we saw what web accessibility is and why it is important. Also, why your website must be ADA compliant. We took a deeper look into it. We hope that you know the importance of your website being ADA compliant. It will be easier for your brand to reach among the people with disabilities.

Skynet Technologies USA LLC is a Las Vegas based company offering visually catchy and user-friendly ADA compliant business website design to make the website accessible for people with cognitive and physical disabilities. We have a specialized and dedicated team of the developer will conduct a detailed evaluation and analysis to an existing website and develop a unique strategy to make your website ADA Compliant to facilitate the accessibility transformation of your esteemed business. Let’s Get Connect.


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