Accessible Web Design to Enhance Business Profitability & Success!

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Accessible Web Design

Simplicity and clarity are two crucial elements that make a good web design. When it comes to Accessible Web Design, along with these two elements, WCAG standards are also required to be added to the design process. Good web design is a language that speaks to the target audiences directly and self-explains its core meaning to everyone.

The key is - simple yet persuasive!

Every business has a vision to achieve exponential growth year by year, isn’t it? But if a business is struggling or not meeting its desired goals, the focus must be on reviewing digital pain points and remediating them as soon as possible.

The concept is quite simple; build accessible digital solutions, engage more users, and enhance conversions and profitability. The more inclusive/accessible design, the more people will use it.

When businesses begin to adhere to web design best practices (which ultimately cover WCAG requirements), their user experience change, compliance requirements get fulfilled, and search engine rankings improve, and it all leads to better revenue and profits.

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Let’s delve deeper into accessible web design concept and understand how they can uplift digital revenues.

Peculiarities of accessible web designs

Do you know, how will you recognize an accessible website or application?

assistive technologies for web design

Accessible designs possess some simple yet crucial implementations at their core.

  • The designs are universally accessible by individuals with physical, cognitive, and sensory impairments.
  • Assistive technologies can understand and interpret those websites correctly.
  • Such designs are logical, usable, ethical, and navigable for all ages, including kids and elderly people.
  • Accessible web designs accommodate various languages and focus on customized content.
  • Compatible with all modern devices and browsers.

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If web designers and developers create digital solutions keeping these objectives in mind, the final outcome is always beneficial for businesses.

Accessibility implementation should not be an afterthought, but it must be an integral part of every web design process from the very beginning.

Impacts of accessible web designs on business success!

In modern scenarios, where the entire world is interconnected via digital medium, the importance and impact of accessible web designs cannot be ignored. We shall discuss its business benefits and other impacts.

accessibility in website design
  • Search engines like Google are more likely to favor accessible web designs due to better user experience, which comes from amazing page loading speed, mobile friendliness, readability, Keyboard navigation, etc.
  • Improved user experience refers to lesser bounce rates. An Accessible website attracts more people and engages them for a longer span.
  • User base expansion happens with an accessible web design. Every business dream of expanding its market share by reaching out to more users and converting them into loyal customers.
  • Thinking about disabled users and creating designs that can cater to everybody is ultimately beneficial from the social and legal aspects of the business. Since people begin to trust accessible websites more than inaccessible designs. And it helps evade odds of litigation successfully. So, no lawsuits and more traffic for websites.

Improved brand image, visibility, and usability, what else do you require to meet your business goals in terms of numbers?

Process to follow to include accessibility into web designs!

Implementing accessibility in a design from scratch is easier. A modern design needs to be discussed with all the stakeholders and then its planning phase followed by actual development begins.

wcag compliant web design

However, remediating an existing website is a little complicated.

  • Perform automated and manual accessibility audits to test the website thoroughly and identify all areas that require changes or improvements.
  • Create an appropriate plan to fix all accessibility issues to meet WCAG requirements.
  • Begin accessibility inclusion process, for instance, addressing keyboard accessibility, adding alt text for images, etc.
  • There should be a timeline for work allocation and task completion.
  • After completing the implementation work, testing is required again to ensure the proper functioning of the website, and then continuously monitor the website’s performance and keep updating it as and when required.

Use cases of accessible web designs – Our Real user's case studies!

Businesses that realize the need for accessibility, start observing a positive impact on traffic, conversions, and revenue.

  • We upgraded a government organization website based in Georgia to ensure it met WCAG 2.1 AA level compliance within approximately 12 to 14 weeks. The organization wants to make its WordPress website fully ADA WCAG 2.1 AA level compliant, without using a Widget/ plugin.

    Now, with our design, custom development, and website accessibility services, their public healthcare service website is accessible to all.

  • A San Diego-based gourmet grocery store website needed WCAG 2.1 level AA incorporation and reached out to us for the same. There were issues such as PDF inaccessibility, page structuring, missing alt texts, and many more.

    Our team of accessibility experts audited the website and fixed the issues. Now, the grocery store has an accessible website which is helping them to rapidly grow their business.

Investing in web accessibility leads to incessant profits!

Amidst legal obligations and social responsibility, there is no harm in thinking of business profits as well.

Initially, it might seem expensive in terms of approaching an accessibility expert and bearing the cost of accessibility inclusion. But when you consider a longer span, the sweet smell of success will amaze you.

Embrace inclusivity and accessibility in web design today. To help you get started in remediating accessibility issues and comply to an ADA-compliant — there’s Skynet Technologies. We provide complete ADA compliant website design services , whether you want to design your new website or application with ADA compliance, redesign your existing website with ADA compliance, ecommerce store or an ADA compliant mobile app. We ensure your website, application, or digital asset is accessible and keep it in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508, and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Request a quote or contact us at [email protected] to make your online presence truly inclusive and reach a wider audience.