ADA Tax Credit for Web Accessibility - How to apply? What does a business need to know?

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ADA tax credit

Among myriad reasons for making an accessible website (digital product), ADA tax credit can be another appealing reason for many businesses. With increasing digital accessibility demand, every business is investing to build an accessible digital property. However, post-pandemic effects and inflation is troubling businesses (especially small ones) in terms of revenue.

Thus, to help such businesses and to ensure maximum accessible digital products for people with disabilities, the US government is providing IRS tax credit under Section 44 for small businesses and tax deductions under Section 190 for all businesses.

These programs are temporary and have some specifications that a business must know to avail of the tax credit. This credit is up to $5,000 to encourage businesses that are investing in ADA compliance and bearing web accessibility expenses.

But who all are eligible for the IRS tax credit and how to apply, let’s understand.

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Does your business qualify for IRS ADA tax credit benefits?

  • If you are a business with $1 million or less in revenue in the preceding tax year or businesses that had 30 or fewer full-time employees.
  • The credit covers 50% of yearly expenditure on accessibility up to $10,250, which is $5,000 (maximum credit).
  • The tax deduction is available for all businesses with a maximum deduction of $15,000 per year. (Source: ADA Tax Incentives Packets )

You can claim tax credit and tax deduction for any ADA expenditure including removal of accessibility barriers, website ADA audit and remediation.

The tax credit is non-refundable and only for web accessibility purposes. ADA and federal laws keep coming with updated versions and websites are expected to stay on the latest accessibility standards. If you also have a small business with above mentioned revenue/employee, your business is eligible for IRS tax credit to update website and/or application with latest ADA guidelines.

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Please note that whatever expenditure you make on accessibility, the first $250 is not included in the entire calculation. Moreover, you are allowed to claim a maximum amount of $10,000. And these two numbers are already written in the IRS tax credit form (read more in next section), which you fill out to claim your tax credit.

Thus, it is a simple calculation. The expenditure amount between $250 and $10,000, will be multiplied by 50% and the result is your tax credit against ADA compliance expenses (which will be maximum up to $5,000).

For instance, if $6,000 is spent on ADA accessibility in a tax year, the tax credit will be $2,875.

Total website accessibility expenditure = $6000

Less the minimum amount = $250

Tax credit for 50% of expense = $2875

Total out of pocket expenses for web accessibility = $3125

How can you apply for or claim ADA compliance tax credit?

Download the form Form 8826 (irs.gov) for Disabled Access Credit and you are good to go. Likewise, for other tax credits, the tax expert will help to claim the tax from Internal Revenue System (IRS). Tax experts can complete the process accurately and if there is any state-wide variation available, they must have correct information on it.

Though filling out the Disabled Access Form is easy. You only have to provide some basic details and the total cost to comply with ADA. Instructions given in Form 8826 say,

  • This credit is a part of general business credit.

  • Taxpayers, other than partnerships and corporations, whose only source of this credit is from those pass-through entities, are not expected to file this form. They can directly report this credit on form 3800.

  • According to Disabled Access Credit, an employee is assumed as a full-time employee, if he/she has worked a minimum of 30 hours per week or 20+ calendar weeks in a tax year.

  • The credit can be used to remove accessibility barriers from websites/applications and provide required solutions for assistive technologies to make audio and video materials available to users with hearing and visual impairments.

  • IRS tax credit can also be used for modifying or acquiring equipment for disabled users or for testing purposes.

  • Expenditure must be reasonable and meet all Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-336) guidelines.

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IRS Tax deduction for all businesses to meet ADA compliance!

If you are not eligible for tax credit, tax deduction benefits for ADA compliance can be availed. As written above, the tax deduction is applicable for businesses with a maximum deduction of $15,000 per year.

According to ADA Tax Incentive Packet, tax credit and tax deduction can be used together if a business's ADA compliance expenditure is more than $10,000. Thus, for instance, if you have spent $18,250 on ADA web accessibility, you can apply for both tax credit and tax deduction simultaneously. (Please reach out to tax expert on this topic for a better understanding and the right solution.)

So, remediate your existing website and avail ADA tax credit!

The idea behind the IRS tax credit is to encourage all businesses to have an ADA compliant website and application so that a maximum number of people can use these websites or applications. Small businesses mostly have a budget crunch; therefore, the US government is helping them with this tax credit benefit.

To create ADA accessible websites, take help from a web development agency and to claim IRS tax credit, reach out to an experienced tax expert.

Are you looking to make sure your business website and other digital assets meet the requirements for ADA compliance? Or perhaps you need guidance on ADA web accessibility standards?

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ADA Tax Incentives Packet

Form 8826 (Disabled Access Credit) (irs.gov)