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Bagisto Multi Vendor Marketplace

In a multi-vendor marketplace, merchants/vendors/sellers from diverse categories sell their products from a single storefront. This facilitates the customers with an increase in the product offerings, provides better product choices, and enhances your sales.

How can Bagisto fulfil your dream of building a multi-vendor Marketplace?

Bagisto has certain features and functionalities that provide a truly multi-vendor marketplace experience. In fact, there are many new features offered in Bagisto 1.3.0. We will discuss some of the multi-vendor features in this blog.

  1. Marketplace Seller Central - The admin has the option of creating a seller central where each seller can have a separate seller Registration page.
  2. Seller Price Comparison - Multiple vendors sell the same products on a single storefront. The same product would have different prices, and the number of stock units, because multiple sellers might sell the same product. In such a case, the seller with the lowest price usually gets the buy button. This let the customers compare the prices of the same products offered by different vendors. The customers can also compare the reviews and ratings of different products and sellers.

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  3. Add-ons - If you want your Bagisto multi-vendor marketplace to thrive, you need to make it easy for all the stakeholders involved - be it, customers or vendors. Customers should have an easy browsing experience and shopping facilities. Many vendors should find it appealing to attract the sellers and increase their sales from Bagisto Marketplace. To make all this possible, Bagisto supports various add-ons and enhances the functionality of the multi-vendor marketplace.
  4. SEO-Friendly - Bagisto Multi-vendor marketplace also provides SEO-friendly options like URL functionality so that sellers can modify their profile pages, product page URLs, etc. These URLs are meant to be easily understood by the search bots and customers as well.

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  5. Multi-lingual - You can use language translation in Bagisto and can build a truly localized website. Your customers can also translate your website to their convenient language in just a click and make it a truly multilingual platform for global business reach.
  6. Multicurrency - Bagisto also supports multi-currency option wherein you can go to the admin panel where you can set more than one currency.

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  7. Multistore Inventory - Once can connect Bagisto ecommerce with multiple inventory sources to manage multiple channel inventories from a single place.
  8. Multiple Payment Gateways - You have the option of integrating multiple payment gateway APIs to the Bagisto store so that customers can choose the payment gateway of their choice.

    Bagisto Multi Vendor
  9. Seamless Search - Bagisto is powered by Tensorflow and it provides native support to AI and Machine Learning for providing a seamless search experience by letting the user search a product by image.

Multivendor Options for Admins in Bagisto

Bagisto Multi-vendor Marketplace - The admin enjoys full control over the vendors and their orders, commissions, products, shipments, and much more in the multi-vendor marketplace of Bagisto. The admin has also other options to manage and run a successful multi-vendor marketplace.

Inventory Management - Inventory management lies at the heart of the multi-vendor marketplace. Bagisto has the option of easy inventory configuration settings wherein each vendor can stock up their products in a well-organized manner.

Commission Management - Bagisto provides options to attract the sellers by letting the admin set a global commission for the sellers. You can also find separate commissions for individual sellers.

Attractive Landing Pages - The admin has the option to create attractive landing pages for the sellers where vendors can add quality content, offerings, etc. so that merchants can be attracted to register on the multi-vendor ecommerce store.

Auto-approval of Products - Admin is also provided with an auto-approval option wherein the products are auto-approved to get placed on the marketplace.

Product Assignment - Admin also has the option of easy product assignment to the respective sellers. Customers find different products by different sellers and enjoy the choice.

Review Management - More power to the admin when it comes to managing vendors’ reviews on the Bagisto store, as customers do rely on fellow customers’ feedback before they make a purchasing decision.

Multivendor Options for Sellers in Bagisto

Dedicated Dashboard - Bagisto marketplace offers an intuitive dashboard where the seller finds information about the payouts, order details, latest comments, and reviews. It also presents information in a graphical format for better understanding of the sales.

Product Order Management - It also enables the sellers to manage the orders from the dashboard where they find details about the order status and manage all the details related to the order.

Product Shipment - Bagisto marketplace also allows vendors to easily manage the product shipments and invoices for delivering high customer satisfaction.

Seller Profile - Bagisto lets the sellers manage their profiles with all the details like shipping policy, return policy, social media links, etc. It lets you run a transparent business by gaining customer trust.

Seller Review - Sellers’ overall ratings and reviews will let the buyers choose the sellers based on more positive reviews.

Seller Branding - Sellers on Bagisto Multi-vendor marketplace also helps in generating trust by displaying transparent information like return & shipping policy, social links, shop description, etc.


Some of the available extensions that transform your ecommerce store into full-fledged multi-vendor marketplaces are given below.

Laravel Multi-vendor Extension - You can convert your Bagisto ecommerce store into a multi-vendor marketplace with the help of Laravel Multi-vendor extension. This extension transforms the Bagisto store into a fully functioning marketplace where different vendors manage their sales through a common interface.

It provides admin privileges like

  1. Configuring inventory setting, building attractive landing pages with sellers and their associated products
  2. Setting up the global commission for the sellers & separate commission for each seller
  3. Providing approvals for the sellers
  4. Product approvals
  5. Enable/Disable vendors
  6. Generate invoices & shipping the orders
  7. Creating Payout for the sellers after the completion of the order
  8. Permissions to approve/disapprove any transaction
  9. Auto-approval of orders
  10. Update or delete any sellers’ profiles and products

The extension also provides certain seller privileges like

  1. Easy order management from the dedicated dashboard
  2. Maintain transparent information between customers and vendors through the easy display of returns and shipping policies.
  3. Adding multiple product images for a better description
  4. Providing banners, social links, and SEO-friendly URLs for managing the seller branding
  5. Checking the total sales, payout details, and payout done by the admin
  6. Special pricing for sellers with filtering options
  7. Creating new products, edit, or delete the existing products from the dashboard
  8. Viewing the entire product collection.
  9. Creating shipments, invoices, and canceling the orders if required
  10. Can edit the shop URL for Profile page, collection page, and shop info

Bagisto Marketplace Extension - Use easy-to-setup Bagisto multivendor marketplace module for converting your Bagisto store into a full-fledged and globalized marketplace. The admin will be having total control over the vendors/sellers. Sellers will have their own panel for managing their associated products and sales. The Bagisto Marketplace extension comes with add-ons for payments, memberships, and shipping making Bagisto a highly scalable multi-vendor marketplace.

It also offers certain privileges to both admin and sellers which are similar to that as provided by the Laravel Multivendor marketplace extension.

Laravel e-commerce SaaS Multi-vendor Module - You can use this extension as well, for converting the Bagisto store into a multi-vendor marketplace. With this Bagisto SaaS, you can easily focus on proper order management, feedback, support, ratings, commissions, and separate seller product collection making Bagisto store a truly multi-vendor marketplace. This multi-vendor module will help different vendors assemble and sell their products and services under a single ecommerce store.

Features of this module are

  1. Separate seller account with a dedicated shop URL
  2. Simple & configurable product type
  3. Seller and products’ review management
  4. Attractive landing pages for the seller
  5. Seller Dashboard Management
  6. Easy Product management at seller end
  7. Sellers can easily modify the product details and view reviews
  8. Category Attribute Mapping
  9. Sellers can view the orders and transactions
  10. Admin to update or delete seller profiles and assign commissions


Bagisto Multi-vendor marketplace is one the best options we must let independent vendors sell their associated products through a single storefront. In a nutshell, all the stakeholders can have a win-win situation by choosing Bagisto for building a truly globalized multi-vendor marketplace.

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