The Best Magento Enterprise Support You Haven't Experienced Yet!

By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
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Magento Enterprise Support

Is your Magento store not performing at its optimal best? Is it facing frequent downtime issues? Are you losing out traffic for no reason? If you are facing any of such issues despite building a sturdy Magento store, then probably, you need to rely on the support team to see if there are improvements to make to push your Magento store to its peak level performance and garner sales without too much trouble. This helps you to uncover any issues your customers are facing.

Remember, establishing a bug-free Magento store even on its enterprise edition is no guarantee to delivering high performance and ultimate customer experience. We agree that Magento enterprise is one of the leading ecommerce platforms you can have for your store but you still need solid technical support services to avoid low page loads and meet the growing customer requirements. Support plays a major role in the Magento Enterprise edition customer experience. One should have a dedicated support team to ensure maximum return on investment and meet all your business needs.

In this article, understand what entails the best Magento Enterprise support and how to make the best use of them.

When do you need Magento Enterprise Support?

Don’t ignore the following signals which indicate that you need to go for Magento Enterprise support.

  1. If you are not meeting your laid-out goals. It means there is something wrong that is going on due to which you are not getting things done.
  2. Any issue that arises in the Magento store is taking a longer turnaround time to resolve and that is causing user frustration. You should ask your support to see if there is any underlying issue that is not being obvious.
  3. If it is taking forever to load. Remember, if the page loading speed of your store is low, then customers tend to drop out without even waiting to view your products.
  4. If you haven’t updated your Magento store in recent times. Updates are not just enhancements, but they are released to fix any issues in the previous versions.
  5. If you need enhancement of your Magento store, then you need to know what the new upgrades are offering for your store enhancement
  6. If your Magento store is prone to security breaches, then you first need to go to the Magento Enterprise support

Whom to contact for my support needs?

If you are unsure of where to go and how to proceed and make your Magento enterprise support as effective as possible, you can read about the responsibilities of each user role and how each of them accelerates the customer experience by quick problem resolution.

By collaborating with these, your Magento Enterprise support improves your organizational performance by a manifold.

1. Customer Success Group - You can rely on your customer success group when you need information about your Magento license upgrades and renewals, product licensing issues, contract obligations, guiding you to navigate through the Magento ecosystem, and more.

2. Technical Support - This is essentially the engineering team and product team who help you fix any patches when required. You can take their help to address any feature-related queries and product enhancements. They perform the preliminary investigation before they replicate and resolve the problem.

What entails Magento Enterprise support?

1. Troubleshooting - If your Magento enterprise is facing any issues, then the support team starts troubleshooting by using your log files. Our Magento Enterprise support team has a checklist and certain troubleshooting protocols to find out what’s causing trouble in your website. If there is any complex underlying issue in your system, we break it down to easily find the issues. The problem would be simple or complex, the support team should be capable of troubleshooting it with less turnaround time.

2. Code review - Code reviews are also a vital part of Magento Enterprise support. Your Magento ecommerce website would be having a few core files and they need to be perfect without any code issues. You can first start your code review process by making sure that these core files are perfect without any issues. You should also check if any of the installed extensions are causing problems so that you can start the resolution process immediately.

3. Ongoing Magento Maintenance & support - Your Magento Enterprise support team should be dedicated to providing ongoing support and maintenance to your ecommerce store. They should be resolute in delivering consistently high performance. They should conduct periodic audits to uncover any areas that need performance improvements. Your maintenance and support services should be meant to upgrade and improve your Magento store services.

4. Technical Support - As a digital merchant, you might have too many things on your plate. You may not have time to take care of the technical aspects as you need to concentrate on the development of your business. So, it is hard to grapple with the technical issues while focusing on the marketing revenue, performance, customer satisfaction issues. A good Magento support team will be in charge of any technical support you ever need. They would take care of any extension installation, web optimization, security remedies, design improvements, and more while you can focus on business growth.

5. Emergency Support - There would be times when your Magento store needs emergency support without which the chances of losing your customers and thereby revenue would skyrocket. For example, your Magento ecommerce store may face downtime issues when there is a surge in traffic to your website. You don’t want to lose on your potential customers, do you? There should be someone at your constant beck and call to resolve any issues on a priority basis.

6. Security - Your Magento store security is extremely vital. Any loopholes here would cause serious hurdles to your business operations. Your customers would lose trust in you and it would be highly difficult to get back your customers once they have a bad experience with your store. Make sure your Magento enterprise support builds strong firewalls against your store to avoid any security breaches. It also entails backing up your core files and others for easy restoration.


Magento Enterprise support is going to be your most powerful asset if done rightly. You need a team of experienced Magento specialists who are committed to providing support services to your store and help it scale in the market. They should offer round-the-clock support given that any Magento store shouldn’t face downtime while the customers are in your store.

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