WooCommerce 8.6 – What’s New?

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Upgrade to WooCommerce 8.6

WooCommerce is a popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress, and it has released its version 8.6 on February 15, 2024. The release was delayed by a few days from its original slot (which was February 13, 2024). The reason behind its delay was an Order Attribution Tracking issue discovered in version 8.5.2. So, the latest version was launched with the fix of encountered issue.

WooCommerce 8.6 is packed with several new features and enhancements. It offers some useful features to developers such as improved logging, a notice on Legacy REST API removal, simplified customer history calculation, and 8.6.1 patching four issues.

Here is a detailed look at what is new in WooCommerce 8.6.

Key features of WooCommerce 8.6

  • New Block Style for Product Details Block

    The latest WooCommerce 8.6 has introduced a new ‘Styles’ area for the Product Details block including two options: Classic and Minimal.

    The Minimal style is automatically selected on new installs with the Classic style, which is maintained to ensure compatibility with theme-based CSS customizations.

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  • Product Collection Block Gains Six New Layouts

    It is one of the compelling features for merchants because of six new layouts for the Product Collection block. With WooCommerce 8.6, merchants have options to select layouts among New Arrivals, Top Rated, Best Selling, On Sale, Featured, and Product Catalog.

    These new layouts can be combined with each other on a single page in order to fulfill merchants’ needs more efficiently. For instance, a merchant can display featured products in a block below their best-selling products to improve conversions.

  • Sales Column added to Marketing Page

    Merchants might use WooCommerce to view and manage their marketing channels like Google Ad Campaigns. So, for them, a new column is added in the Sales card that offers a quick look at different campaigns and their performances.

  • New Product Editor

    Along with all the changes and updates, one more important tweak happened as the introduction of a new Product Editor. New Product Editor helps make steady progress because it recreates the overall process of merchants’ interaction with WooCommerce in the product creation flow.

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  • Fixed CPU spike issue for users on Avada plugin

    This one is an intended performance feature for Avada plugin users – Performance > Combine Third Party CSS File.

    The only thing to remember that this feature could not handle an invalid file path for assets. However, the problem is fixed; so now incorrect asset paths is no longer a problem for Avada plugin users. Also, to avoid this problem, users can switch to “Combine Third Party CSS File” feature while using Avada.

  • Database changes

    WooCommerce 8.6 added a new update to the database to eliminate the old marketing recommendations transient wc_marketing_recommended_plugins because it is not in use anymore.

  • Developer updates

    WooCommerce 8.6 also brings several improvements aimed at developers:

    1. Legacy REST API removal notice – Merchants using the legacy API will now find a notice to remove them because WooCommerce will remove its legacy REST API in version 9.0.
    2. Simplified customer history calculation – In this version, a simplified customer history calculation has been added to eliminate the risk of a calculation resulting in server errors (500 errors) for enterprises.
    3. Logging system updates – The internal logging system has got updates such as, now merchants and developers have an interface to browse and view log entries to improve debugging and auditing in the future. WooCommerce 8.6 has a log file browser that helps users filter, sort, and manage log files. Users can click on each log file and view them within the WordPress dashboard. Logs are now fully exportable; users can download individual files or in bulk through a zip file.

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    Please note that a patch was released within the days of version 8.6 release to fix four identified issues in WooCommerce 8.6.

    1. Protect script caching by using the WooCommerce core version to hash WooCommerce blocks assets at the place of old WooCommerce Blocks version.
    2. Move condition to check post status before rendering product.
    3. Don’t render attribution meta-box for non-supported order types.
    4. Add default values for admin address filters.

Wrapping up

WooCommerce 8.6 is a comprehensive update that enhances various aspects of the platform, from the customer experience and store management to analytics and security. These new features and improvements make WooCommerce an even more powerful tool for online retailers, helping them to operate the platform more efficiently and provide better service to their customers.

Store owners, developers, and customers, WooCommerce 8.6 offers something to everyone in order to look forward in the ecommerce journey!

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