WordPress 6.1 is releasing soon! What are the new features?

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WordPress 6.1

Though WordPress 6.0 was released in May 2022, makers are releasing WordPress 6.1 and its release date is set for November 1, 2022. You might be wondering if WordPress 6.0 is itself an evolved version with gen-next features, then what else WordPress 6.1 will be having?

Well, with some noticeable changes with templates and block editor, it will be a seamless version of WordPress. It also going to incorporate a new default theme (Twenty-Twenty Three) and some more new editions will be there.

The Beta version of WordPress 6.1 is available for testing. So, if you wish to try your hands on this vogue version, can download the tester. However, since it is a beta version, thus you can expect some other changes as well in the final version.

New or updated features and functionalities of WordPress 6.1

WordPress 6.0 got many new features and all of them will get revamped in WordPress 6.1 with a few more new elements included.

1. The new default theme – Twenty-Twenty Three

Generally, WordPress releases its new version at the end of the year with a new theme, and WordPress 6.1 is no different. This new version has a Twenty-Twenty Three named theme, which is a minimalistic default theme. It is a stripped-back edition of the Twenty-Twenty Two theme, and it has 10 different style variations in the site editor.

Four font styles will be included, which you can use while writing posts. In short, the site editor of Twenty-Twenty Three provides an enticing canvas to create a website using its design tools.

2. Improved template editor experience and options

WordPress 5.8 introduced Template Editor for the very first time and now in WordPress 6.1, the editor will come with myriad new exciting enhancements that will make website customization easier. For example, now you can preview the exact template part or block that you wish to insert into your page with one click. Every time when you make changes, you can view them simultaneously by clicking on the ‘View’ button. You will find a new ‘View Site’ option that will open in a new tab and will show you the visitor’s view of the website.

Also, WordPress 6.1 will make it faster and easier for you to search template parts within the editor in a few clicks only. Thus, template customization will become simple and quick. Moreover, you get several new template parts with WordPress 6.1. You click on the ‘Add New' button, and find a ‘Page template’, ‘Single item: Post template’, and a new ‘Custom template’ option.

If you click on the ‘Custom template’ option, you get a pop-up where you can add the name of your template. Then click on the ‘Create’ button and you will be able to use this template on any page or post on the website.

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3. Existing Gutenberg block gets improvements as well

WordPress 6.1 has many enhancements in the Gutenberg block as well. Improved ‘Quote’ and ‘List’ blocks, Image blocks, Column blocks, and many more.

A. Quote and List blocks with Inner block support

These two blocks get major improvements in WordPress 6.1. Now they both have inner block support; it implies you can insert any of these blocks in the Gutenberg editor and then add another inner block within them. For example: if you wish to insert a Quote block, you have the freedom to insert an Image block inside the Quote block. Thus, you can share the quote with the relevant image in Gutenberg.

B. Column and Image blocks get border support

Adjusting borders for Column and Image blocks is possible with WordPress 6.1. Thus, when you will design web pages, you will be having more control and flexibility with designing because adding extra customization to Columns will be seamless. For an Image block, adjusting border and radius settings will become hassle-free with this new version. Hence you will be able to give more unique appearances to your web pages when designing with Gutenberg.

C. The Navigation block has more customization options

The Navigation block got introduced with WordPress 5.9 and with the new version 6.1, it is also getting improved. Now you can manage and adjust the colours of different items in your navigation menu and perform exceptional customization. Also, you can add different styling options for submenus.

D. Blocks like Paragraph and List get new ‘Dimensions’

The introduction of ‘Dimensions’ settings for blocks like Paragraph, List, Column, etc. is another added advantage coming with WordPress 6.1. The ‘Dimensions’ setting gives you more control over web page layouts by adjusting the padding and margin.

E. Cover block with a new option to add featured images

The Cover block is one of the popular blocks of Gutenberg for WordPress users. This block helps you to add a cover image to content on your web page. And with WordPress 6.1, the Cover block gets the option to add a featured image.

  1. The preview button is replaced with the View button.
  2. Now Status and Visibility panel has become Summary option.
  3. Places of Permalink and Template options have changed.
  4. The information panel has got colossal changes that you will experience with the final version.

4. Other new additions for performance and accessibility

WordPress 6.1 is coming with several other updates and improvements, which include more than 60 resolved tickets of accessibility issues and over 25 settled tickets of performance issues. There may be more enhancements, which will be releasing with the final version. WordPress 6.1 also has approx. 350 bug fixes for better security of the platform.

Latest WordPress version 6.1 will be all about precision!

WordPress 6.1 is all set to hit the floor with tons of exciting improvements and some new additions. The above-mentioned updates are those which are shown in the beta version. However, you can expect more enhancements in the final version.

By that time, stay connected for more updates and as mentioned above you can download the WordPress Beta Tester plugin to test the beta version of WordPress 6.1. For hassle-free version upgrades or migration, you can hire WordPress developer. Just contact Skynet Technologies, a WordPress development company who provides custom WordPress development services including integration, migration, maintenance, support, while label WP development, and more. Get in touch with us at [email protected] or submit the following request free quote form.