How did an Aimeos-based nail and beauty supplies store provide an incredible user experience with myriad surprising elements?

How did an Aimeos-based nail and beauty supplies store provide an incredible user experience with myriad surprising elements?

The brief

The nail supplies company required to have an ecommerce web application to sell their nail products. They came to us specifically for payment gateways and shipping methods integration with ecommerce store using Aimeos. They not only required to have an application to sell the best nail products to the technicians and other users, yet they wished to create a robust support system as well that can work together with sales.

Their requirements included multiple payment options integration to make shopping easier for customers. Payment gateways like Klarna, Braintree, point system, etc. were ought to get integrated with the application. They asked us to create the application in a way that their customers can manage their profile, orders, subscription, points & rewards, etc. from a dashboard.

The ecommerce web application was supposed to be responsive, thereby, the customers can use the application from any device. Also, a customized Aimeos backend section is needed for the client to manage and control the entire activities.

The challenges

  • DPD shipping integration was a complex task for our team because the client wanted to display the prices based on zip code that too it was not limited to only one country, other countries were included as well in the list.

  • Customization of default Aimeos code for pack builder functionality.

  • Integration of Klarna payment gateway.

  • Points and rewards management, in which, customers will not get the points and rewards if they will initiate the refund of any product.

  • Multi-currency customization was one of the biggest challenges. The client wanted to show different prices for each product that will vary according to currency.


Nail And Beauty suppliers, wholesale, and trade

Project Size



Ecommerce web application development

  • Aimeos (Laravel PHP framework) for backend language
  • MySQL for database storage
  • Bootstrap with SaaS (Software as a Service) for designing
  • JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Vue.js, GrapesJs.

The solutions

Tried understanding the client’s target audience persona to create a web application that can reach the correct segment. Moreover, we have observed the process of customers who are already buying products form their store and the reasons of that, to ensure improved UX and zero to minimal barriers in the application that impact sales and profits of the business.

To align with the company’s strategy, a sharp vision considering the flow of the application and identification of requirements were considered in the initial phase. We adhered to the agile methodology to keep pace with the rapid application deployment in the face of changing requirements. Git, an effective tool was used to creating a working environment and to encourage real-time collaboration within the internal team.

  • Aimeos has already a few default shipping gateway/ provider options included, but as per client requirements, we customized and integrated the DPD shipping gateway.
  • Aimeos default structure understanding helped us to customize required sections to develop pack builder functionalities using Laravel.
  • Klarna payment gateway integration gave tough time to us because of the lack of documentation available. We used Klarna APIs with Aimeos to customize the product payment gateway.
  • By reviewing Aimeos code and tracking currency codes, we defined multi-currency functionalities.
  • Aimeos backend is built with Vue.js using some of the Aimeos custom codes. Our team checked all the codes to customize each section of the application and one new section in Aimeos backend is also developed by our team.

Features of the ecommerce web application

  • The customers are enabled to log in or signup from a general ecommerce website through any browser.
  • Customers can browse the products from the home page product listing and view the detailed information about the products.
  • Filters are there to help customers to choose the products as per categories, brands, etc.
  • Customers are allowed to post reviews on any products, but the reviews will be displayed only if they got approved from the Backoffice.
  • Moreover, customers can pin products, add products to favourites, and manage all the seen products. The product pages also show suggested products.
  • The application has points and rewards functionalities. Each purchase will add some points to customers’ accounts, and they will be able to redeem those points on their other purchases as per the terms and conditions apply.
  • The web application has an Order or Checkout section with multiple desired payment options.
  • Orders and product discounts (Price Rules) for customers can be managed by the client from the backend panel.
  • The application provides a dedicated dashboard for each customer to manage their profiles, subscriptions, orders, invoices, etc.
  • There is an additional feature for customers; they can opt for subscription-based purchases. Once they will order the product, the application will set the auto-shipping for the next order of the subscribed product. Aimeos’ cron job functionality manages this feature of the application.
  • DPD shipping method integration with free shipping options. The shipping includes DPD address inputs, free shipping conditions, payment process confirmation, valid batch printed invoice, DPD tracking, etc.
  • The application has pack builder functionality. Thus, customers can buy products from distinct categories by using a pack builder managed from Backoffice.
  • The ecommerce web application also has a few brilliant features like add to basket zero stock, remove test orders, social links, voucher management, address layouts, address checkout links, add to basket, item out of stock, wildcard SSL installation, order notification no-reply to emails, and DPD shipping weight management.
  • The application system has affiliate functionality. So, if a customer refers a product to someone and shares its short code URL, and then if the other customer purchases referred product using the shared URL, the customer who referred the product gets the commission as pre-defined percentage from Backoffice.
  • The ecommerce web application has merchant functionality. Thereby, any user can become a merchant by registering as a merchant and can start selling their products and earning commissions.
  • Browsing of CMS section can be done, which is managed by backend panel.


  • The application is creating a buzz among users who are turning into merchants.
  • Offering the customized digital experience to each user and gaining an extremely well response.
  • Reduced business (ecommerce process) pain points by inducing innovative ideas via ecommerce web application.
  • Add to cart and checkout rate increased due to improved user experience.
  • Developed by our team, the ecommerce web application for nail products business to make the products’ reach easy for their customers.
  • Built on Aimeos-Laravel invincible pair with an incredible customer support system and myriad surprising elements.

Aimeos ecommerce development

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