A leading Michigan-based nutritional supplement store meets the current dynamic ecommerce needs with King Cart to osCommerce migration!

A Leading Michigan-Based Nutritional Supplement Store Meets the Current Dynamic Ecommerce Needs with King Cart to osCommerce Migration!

The Brief

The client has an ecommerce website, helping thousands of people to improve their health from over 20 years. Many of their powerful, and very often completely unique, nutritional, and energetic supplements work in ways that nothing else does. The client has approached us for website redesign and migration from their existing old and outdated shopping cart King Cart to osCommerce. The main challenge is they will require it in just 20 days of turnaround.

Migrating a website from one platform to another can be a stressful and uncertain time if it is not carefully planned and well-executed. A good roadmap is necessary for replatforming to osCommerce from another platform like KingCart, with a smooth transition and minimal downtime. The goal was to deliver just the minimum viable project to meet scope/quality, concrete deliverables, deadline, and budget.

Why Replatforming?

Their existing old software KingCart was discontinuing their shopping cart services so client wanted to migrate their store to osCommerce as soon as possible. Additionally, they want to extend the functionalities, improve the performance and security, review / refine content and improve UI/UX of their store for better user experience.

The Objective Setting and Approach

  • Setup basic things to osCommerce
    • Site optimized for mobile
  • Migrate all product data and images, catalog, customers, historical orders from KingCart to osCommerce. (Import has done using its own software named as Panorama on Mac)
  • Setup Authorize.net Payment Gateway.
  • Setup shipping like existing KingCart ecommerce store, USPS shipping, and free shipping.
  • Create URL 301 redirects, update site map, and submit to webmaster.
  • Specific website features:
    • Ability to Sign in with old KingCart Customer ID.
    • Download Order log with predefine format like KingCart was doing.
    • Add Affiliate section like website.
    • Ability to reorder from customer account.
    • Convert CMS pages to blogs as KingCart using CMS pages as category.
    • Once Order log downloaded, Order status would change to delivered.
    • Blacklist specific customers from placing orders.
    • Added support for older browser to view images as an alternative of next gen webp format.

Health Care

Project Size



Ecommerce site migration (From King-Cart to osCommerce)




Biggest Challenges

  • Customer Data Migration: The client wants to migrate around their 80,000 customers data.
  • Order Data Migration: They want to migrate around 1.25 lac orders data. KingCart was allowed to place an order without creating customer account where in osCommerce, customer must have an account.
  • Login with old Customer ID: KingCart had unique customer id to login at checkout, same functionality we need to develop on osCommerce for existing.
  • Export Order log: Client was using old Invoice system and for that they are using Panorama X Database software. They need predefine format of the order and for that we need to do custom programming.
  • Customize USPS Shipping Label: KingCart was using custom label for different USPS shipping options. In osCommerce, to map USPS shipping option from different APIs, we need do custom programming.
  • Overall Data Migration process: KingCart did not provide Database access, it was only providing tab delimited files and the data format is too much complex. It required lots of manual work and custom programming to make it proper formatted and migrate to new osCommerce website.
  • Browser Compatibility: We have given support for older browser to view images in jpeg/png format along with next gen format webp.

The Solution

  • We have overcome the challenges with custom oscommerce programming and taken manual actions as per required.


  • The migrated osCommerce store resulted in improved functionality, performance, usability, security, and mobile readiness. Not limited to this, it has positioned them to maximize the website’s potential as a sales channel.
  • The improved UI and UX design made the website more elegant and beautiful. The website page speed has been improved because of performance optimization. The online shoppers are experiencing the sleek UI and pleasant shopping experience.

When Is the Right Time to Migrate Your Ecommerce Website?

When you decide to switch the platform, contemplate your thoughts, do thorough research, and then move ahead. If your store is outdated or underperforming, then “Now” is the time to consider an ecommerce site migration.

We facilitate osCommerce migration in an easier, seamless, and quicker way. With a perfect blend of ecommerce expertise and experience, we render top-notch osCommerce development that reflects your brand and meet your business goals.

Contact us at [email protected] or submit your request free quote for more information.

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