The impeccable custom Aimeos ecommerce web application caters to a different segment of customers!

The impeccable custom Aimeos ecommerce web application caters to a different segment of customers!

The brief

A UAE-based pet supply store has aimed to provide the lifetime needs of pets. They have proper workforce and in-house facilities to fulfil every single transaction with care and efficiency. They wanted to make us an ecommerce marketplace web application; thereby, their customers can buy pet products in various categories and variations. Their primary requirement was auto shipment integration with Aimeos. With keeping their goal in mind, they wanted an ecommerce web application with all the possible integrations, multiple payment options are one of them including the payment gateway

Since they wanted a marketplace application, thus, the application ought to have a feature wherein sellers can register themselves easily and start selling their products. They wanted an application with a customer dashboard in it, so that their customers will be able to manage their profile, orders, subscriptions, rewards, and points.

Application responsiveness was another prerequisite. And they wanted complete backend access to manage all the ecommerce marketplace activities. The backend access was supposed to be built on Aimeos as per their requirements.

The challenges

  • The customization of form builder section that too it was required to be dynamic.
  • The customization of Aimeos code and its integration as per the client’s requirements.
  • Integration of bank issuer discount with order segment to modify Aimeos default order flow.
  • Integration of Elastic Search to create indexing of products, categories, etc.
  • Odoo (ERP) integration with Aimeos backend; thus, whatever information will be added to the backend will get displayed in Odoo.
  • Auto-ship functionality management, in which customers’ orders will get placed automatically after a certain duration.
  • Integrating marketplace extension was a tough task. A marketplace where sellers can register themselves, add products, and receive orders against the added products.
  • Customization of Aimeos backend section that is based on Vue.js.

Pet supply store

Project Size



Ecommerce web application development

  • Aimeos (Laravel PHP framework) for backend
  • MySQL for database storage
  • Bootstrap with SaaS for designing
  • JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Vue.js, GrapesJS

The solutions

Providing a personalized experience to all the customers was the main idea behind the integrations we did. There was no place for low quality in terms of product relevancy and client experience. When customizing the Aimeos-Laravel structure, the conversion rate was our key focus.

To align with the company’s strategy, a sharp vision considering the flow of the application and identification of requirements were considered in the initial phase. We adhered to the agile methodology to keep pace with the rapid application deployment in the face of changing requirements. Git, an effective tool was used to creating a working environment and to encourage real-time collaboration within the internal team.

  • Our team customized Aimeos and made one separate section with Aimeos standard codes. Moreover, we made dynamic forms in the backend that displays in the frontend.
  • Using Aimeos Laravel structure, we created customized sections in the web application as per client requirements.
  • There is a dedicated bank issuer section for discounts, and it is managed by the backend, where the admin can add details of the issuer with discount percentage. Thus, when a user makes a purchase and uses the same card as added in the details, they get a discount as it is pre-defined in the backend. For this, we maintained order flow and base order things of Aimeos and Laravel together.
  • Aimeos has an Elastic search option, but it is restricted to products only. Therefore, we tried customization to add functionalities for search indexing. We used cron job and command line functions to add search indexing.
  • We have integrated Odoo API with Aimeos and generated a command/job through which the system sends data automatically to Odoo.
  • We have extended Aimeos ‘Subscription’ feature and implemented the ‘Auto-ship’ feature with that.
  • We used the Aimeos extension for the marketplace website and customized them for meeting client’s requirements.
  • Aimeos backend is built using Vue.js with some Aimeos custom code that we have checked before applying. Also, created another section in the backend as per client’s demand.

Features of the Aimeos ecommerce application

  • Login or signup can be done from a general ecommerce website.
  • Products’ browsing can be done from the home page product listing. Promotional popups are also there for product suggestions, which are based on cookies.
  • Filters help customers to shop by brands and categories.
  • Customers can post reviews on each product, but they will be visible only if they get approved by the back office. Customers can pin products, manage their favourite products, watched products, and ‘suggested products’ also show up on product pages.
  • Moreover, the application has a ‘best price’ option for some specific products. Customers can request the admin for the best price of any product, if the admin approves the best price, then the customer can buy that product at a discounted price.
  • The pet supplies ecommerce application has a points and rewards feature as well. Customers get reward points on each purchase as it is defined in the backend, and they can redeem the points on other purchases as per the options available for them.
  • The application has multiple payment options including the payment gateway.
  • The client can manage product orders and discounts from the backend.
  • Customers have their dashboards to manage their orders, points, profile, etc.
  • The application has subscription-based orders. If a customer chooses some subscription and orders the product once, their next shipment goes automatically as per the subscription model. Cronjobs and Aimeos functionalities manage this auto-ship feature.
  • Affiliate functionality is also there in the application. If a customer refers some product to another customer and shares its short code and if another customer buys referred product, then the customer who referred the product gets the commission as pre-defined in the backend.
  • Dynamic feedback form is there for customers. They fill in details and submit them and the admin receives emails for each feedback form.
  • The survey section is also available in the ecommerce web application, which allows customers to fill out the survey and submit it. Admin receives all the surveys in the back office.
  • Since the application has marketplace integration, thus, anyone can register themselves as a seller and sell their products on a commission basis.
  • CMS pages browsing can be managed from the backend panel.


  • Successfully developed and deployed the ecommerce web application within the given time.
  • Customers are liking the application where they can buy every pet quality product.
  • Out-of-the-box user experience is increasing the number of sales every day.

Custom Aimeos ecommerce development

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