Top Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips to 3X Your Conversion Rate!

By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
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Ecommerce Email Marketing

Whether it's a new or old ecommerce venture, you're missing out on the large fishes without an email marketing strategy! The legacy marketing channel, emails, still outshine brighter than any other media.

Ecommerce brands of all dimensions invest in email marketing to capture new leads while retaining the existing ones.

But if you're considering email marketing to be a cakewalk, rethink! The harsh truth is that only 4.24% of email-driven visitors will become your customers. Yes, it's a bit daunting! So, what happens to the remaining 95.76% of traffic? Well, several reasons work behind distancing them away. The contradiction between your mail and website might disappoint the leads, or the email content might not be compelling enough to push them down your sales funnel, and so on.

So, do you wish to unwind the secret recipe of successful ecommerce marketing? We've got you covered! Below are the most impactful ecommerce email marketing tips to 3x your conversion rate. But before heading anywhere, let's uncover what benefits email marketing brings to your ecommerce brand.

What are the Benefits of Ecommerce Email Marketing?

You might have heard everyone singing praises of email marketing for ecommerce campaigns. But, is email marketing beneficial to your ecommerce business? If at all, how does it impact your online brand? Let’s discuss the groundbreaking advantages of email campaigns for ecommerce businesses.

  • Emails Have the Highest Conversion Rate

    Believe it or not, but emails convert way more than any other marketing media. Email strategy for ecommerce has 40x better leads capturing and conversion capacity than social media giants like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Targeted Mails Approach Right Customers at the Best Time

    Email marketing platforms let you send customized emails to target audiences. So, you can keep complementary offerings on the table before getting leads at the right time, leading to higher conversions and profitability.

  • Build Enhanced Brand Awareness with More Email Content

    Once you gain an email subscriber and bam! You earn an invaluable opportunity to keep your brand alive among your leads through diverse emails. Being an ecommerce venture, you can inbox your customers with discount offers, the latest product launches, and anything relevant to your business to spread more brand awareness.

  • Retain Your Customers with Email Campaigns

    Subscribing to your mailing list implies that your customers wish to learn more about your brand. They would appreciate a long-term relationship with your venture and visit your website repeatedly. You can drive more sales from existing customers with well-curated emails comprising the most-loved offerings and corresponding offers.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips to Propel Your Conversions

Ecommerce email marketing plans can skyrocket your web store only if done correctly. So, let's jump into learning the best tips to curate a successful email campaign for ecommerce brands.

  • Create a Hookable Welcome Email for Customers

    Let's recite a clear formula that the more people opening your emails, the larger is their probability of shopping with your business. So, how do you increase the click-through rate for your delivered emails? The answer is simple. Welcome emails!

    Did you know that the average click-through rate of welcome emails is a whopping 82%? Yes, you read it right! So, begin with an engaging welcome email to drive massive traction towards your website at once.

  • Personalized and Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Emails Work Miraculously with ecommerce Buyers

    Who doesn't love customized offerings! Considering email marketing campaigns, your buyers will engage more through personalized emails. Also, 77% of leads will become reluctant upon receiving irrelevant content in their inbox. So, personalization is no more a luxury, rather a quintessential necessity for ecommerce brands to generate more sales.

    For instance, consider the customers who have already engaged with your brand and are impressed with your offerings. They are more likely to re-visit your ecommerce store and take away more products. Grab the opportunity using up-sell and cross-sell emails!

    Send personalized emails to your customers entailing offerings that are similar to already bought products. These correspondences having a 9.16% conversion rate will encourage most of them to buy more from your storefront.

  • Compel Subscribers to Open Your Emails with Catchy Subject Lines

    "Get Flat 50% Off", "Exclusive Limited Period Offer" and "Announcing New Products” - are some of the most influential subject lines in promotional emails. Similarly, more catchy phrases exist to draw your customers' interest in your emails. You can perceive subject lines as click-baits. Once the recipients read your captivating subject phrase, they will open the emails and take necessary actions immediately.

    You are already familiar with personalized emails creating a buzz among your ecommerce audience. When personalized subject lines come into play, your email click-through rate takes off rapidly. For instance, you can send custom emails announcing new arrivals in your store that lie around already sold offerings. Besides, you can promote season-specific products through emails having irresistible subject lines during holidays and festivals. Such emails propel massive sales and overgrown revenues in the blink of an eye.

  • Abandoned Cart Emails Remind Customers to Purchase

    No matter how hard you try, invoking sales action from some customers can be the hardest nut to crack. Your products might compel them to fill their carts but couldn't be enough to initiate a transaction. Result? Abandoned carts!

    Luckily you can transform abandoned carts into sales. But how? Using abandoned cart emails, simple! Sending reminder emails to your customers stating they missed out on purchasing can recover 10% of otherwise lost earnings. You can either send a single email within a day of abandonment or a series of emails over 3-5 days for the highest impact.

  • Better Manage Email Marketing Campaign with Customer Segmentation

    Divide and rule - that’s the best policy when managing subscribers for email marketing in ecommerce. Segregating customers before they become disappointed is critical to driving a healthy campaign.

    When your customers receive emails related to their interests, they are likely to engage more with you. However, sending vague emails to them will backfire dramatically. So, you can classify the subscribers according to specific interests, age, demographics, and geographical locations and witness more traffic on your web store.

  • Automate Emails at Critical Checkpoints

    Running a business leaves no time for marketing efforts, let's admit it. At some point in time, all ecommerce ventures become extensively busy operating email drives manually. Does that mean you should hire someone and get things done? Hell no! All your email worries come to a halt with automation. Several automation platforms send automatic emails in response to specific customer actions without requiring manual intervention.

  • Stop Spamming!

    Most ecommerce email campaigns fail once they start spamming subscriber inbox. Also, you cannot afford to send too infrequent mails, leading to disinterest among your audience. So, strike a balance between sending too many and too few emails to your subscribers. Such a healthy habit will keep the communication and user interests alive simultaneously.

  • Gather Customer Feedback from Email Marketing Drive

    Did you know that email marketing works beyond hooking customers with your ecommerce brand? Yes, it extends to understanding how users perceive your business and its offerings. So, you can send survey emails to loyal customers and ask them straightforward questions about what they liked and disliked in your venture. That’s it! You’ll gain enough insights to ponder and refine your brand thereupon.

Voila! You've just grasped the vital tips to master ecommerce email marketing strategy. Now, all you need is to practice, experiment, and understand consumer behavior to bring pinpointed personalization leading to the projected growth of your brand. So, what makes you wait? Leverage the above golden tips now!

At Skynet Technologies, We approach email marketing best practices to gradually nurture and retain your potential and targeted customer base!