How does Texas-based motorcycle parts supplier meet the dynamic ecommerce business requirements with osCommerce to Shopify migration?

How does Texas-based motorcycle parts supplier meet the dynamic ecommerce business requirements with osCommerce to Shopify migration?

The brief

The client has an ecommerce website for various kind of Motorcycle parts including Dzus hardware, Angled Valve stems, Vesrah Brake pads, Brembo, Bicycle Brakes, and more. The client has approached us for an ecommerce site migration from osCommerce to Shopify.

Migrating a website from one platform to another can be a stressful and uncertain time if it is not carefully planned and well-executed. A good roadmap is necessary for replatforming to Shopify from another platform like osCommerce, for a smooth transition and minimal downtime. The goal was to deliver just the minimum viable project to meet scope/quality, concrete deliverables, deadline, and budget.

Why Replatforming?

There can be compelling reasons to upgrade a site, including adding functionality and improving performance and security. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to review and refine content, and improve UI/UX design for better user experience.

The objective setting and approach

  • Setup basic things to Shopify standard account
    • Site optimized for mobile
  • Migrate all product data & images, catalog, customers, historical orders from osCommerce to Shopify.
  • Setup Shopify CC processing & PayPal payments.
  • Setup shipping similar to existing osCommerce table rate, FedEx Shipping, and free shipping.
  • Create 301 redirects, update site map, and submit to webmaster.
  • Specific website features:
    • Ability to restrict sales of a product, to specific markets.
    • Quote on shipping before checkout.
    • Restrict shipping for specific products to billing address only.
    • Ability to control the method of shipping the customer can use based upon the product.
    • Search tool for specific product groups by vehicle: Year, Material, and Model Filter (YMM).
    • Out of Stock: Custom notice in product page (customer side).
    • Out of Stock: Notification on admin side about products out of stock.
    • Holiday/Vacation Notice.
    • Blacklist specific customers from placing orders.


Project Size



Ecommerce site migration (From osCommerce to Shopify)




Biggest challenges

  • The major challenge to update product after migration as per client sheet. Set redirection for drafted or deleted product. This both requires manual efforts.
  • 301 redirects using wildcard was not working so we must set redirection for each URL.
  • osCommerce order status does not match with Shopify.

The solution:

  • After migration, the requested product changes are applied manually from Shopify admin.
  • For 301 redirect (osCommerce to Shopify), we have mapped URLs and import to Shopify.
  • To keep a history of osCommerce order status, we have added status as a “tag”; so, client can easily identify it whenever they require.


The migrated Shopify store resulted in improved functionality, performance, usability, security, and mobile readiness. Not limited to this, it positioned them to maximize website’s potential as a sales channel.

When is the right time to migrate your ecommerce website?

When you decide to switch the platform, contemplate your thoughts, do thorough research, and then move ahead. If your store is outdated or underperforming, then “Now” is the time to consider an ecommerce site migration. We facilitate osCommerce to Shopify migration in an easier, seamless, and quicker way. With a perfect blend of Shopify expertise and experience, we render top-notch Shopify ecommerce development that reflects your brand and meet your business goals.

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